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Primary Advisor - Julia Schaper - she/her

Sorority & Fraternity Life 

Hi! I'm a graduate assistant in the Sorority and Fraternity Life Office and the primary adviser to TAPC, while I work on my M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership. I love to read, bake, and take my two dogs on hikes or to the dog park! Please reach out if you have any questions!


President - Iris Kim - she/her

Senior | Biology Honors, Pre-Med | Sigma Phi Omega, Spring '19

Hi! I'm Iris, and I'm from Austin, Texas. As the Chief Executive Officer of TAPC, I am responsible for maintaining and building relations between chapters, planning lots of fun events, and listening to your opinions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me! I am a INFP-T, and my focus type personal flower is a Gingko (if you’re a Maple Tree, let’s study together). I enjoy hanging out with friends, baking, watching movies, taking personality quizzes, and most recently: GAMING! Any PC build tips would be appreciated.


VP Sergeant of Arms - Andrew Vo - he/his

Senior | Sociology | Omega Phi Gamma, Fall '18 

Hello, my name is Andrew Vo, and I serve as the VP Sergeant at Arms. My roles include overseeing TAPC's Judicial Board and hosting Greek Sneak Peek every semester. My hobbies include hiking, fishing, and exercising. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.


VP Finance - Jonathan Heo - he/him

Senior | Public Health | Omega Phi Gamma, Spring '20 

Hey y'all! My name is Jonathan Heo, and I'm from Plano, Texas. As Vice President of Finance, I’m in charge of providing funding for TAPC for any necessary event, collecting dues, and keeping track of our financial status. By balancing the council’s budget, I make sure that everything is properly organized! If you have any questions about that or anything finance-related, feel free to reach out! My hobbies include watching sports, listening to music, chilling with the bros, and traveling.


VP Service - Jackie Guo - she/her

Junior | Chemical Engineering | Sigma Phi Omega, Fall '19 

Hallo! :3 I’m Jackie Guo, and I’m from North Houston! As VP of Service and Philanthropy, I schedule each organization’s Philanthropy Weeks and coordinate between organizations to plan and execute service events. I’m also in charge of planning our annual Asian Cultural Expo (ACE) that serves to educate our community on a specific societal issue in the context of Asian culture. Never hesitate to reach out if you just wanna talk or help serve the community! :D I’m a huge fan of binging Netflix shows, listening to music, joking around and meeting new people!


VP Public Relations - Graciella Homan - she/her

Junior | Architectural Engineering | Kappa Phi Lambda, Fall '19 

Hello! My name is Graciella Homan, I am from Austin, TX. I am the Vice President of Public Relations that means I manage all the social media as well as the website for TAPC. I design all the graphics and handle videography. I look forward to interacting with everyone. Feel free to chat with me about my position or if you are also interested in puzzles, boba, or crime shows. 


VP Risk Management - Danica Wu - she/her

Sophomore | Management Information Sciences | Kappa Phi Lambda, Fall '19 

Hello! My name is Danica Wu and I'm from Houston, TX. I will be the Vice President of Risk Management for 2021! My job is to make sure all TAPC organizations remain on good terms with each other and the University. If you have any questions about the TAPC Constitution or By-Laws, please feel free to reach out to me! A little more about me is that I am an ENFJ, I love drawing, eating yummy food, and watching shows with my friends.


VP Administration - Vian Nguyen - she/her

Junior | Biology | alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Fall '19

Hello, my name is Vian Nguyen, and I am from Sugar Land, Texas. For 2021, I will be serving as VP of Administration who is in charge of administrative tasks such as taking meeting minutes, collecting attendance, and updating the master spreadsheet. If you are concerned with points/notes/administrative - related tasks, don't hesitate to reach out to me :) I am an ENFJ who enjoys hiking, baking, and exploring new restaurants with my friends!